How Much Do Braces Cost Monthly?

| 11 Aug 2021

How much do braces cost monthly? At Mill Creek Orthodontics, we strive to make all orthodontic care affordable to fit your budget. We offer custom braces and Invisalign for candidates in Charlottesville, Palmyra, Ruckersville, Lake Monticello, Scottsville, and the surrounding areas. We believe braces shouldn’t take forever or cost everything. Instead, we will do all we can to […]


Best Teeth Aligner 2021

| 12 Jul 2021

Are you searching for the “Best teeth aligner 2021?” Orthodontic treatment aligns the teeth and jaws, improving oral health and one’s appearance. But, is one type of treatment better? Let’s look at the facts. What is the Best Teeth Aligner 2021? According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), the best treatment is “the kind performed by […]


What is the Best Age to Get Braces?

| 21 Jun 2021

What is the best age to get braces? Orthodontists often get this question, so we’ll look at the answer. The short answer: There’s not a “best age” for braces. Today, kids, teens, and adults may benefit from orthodontic treatment like braces.  Notably, orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign aligns the teeth and jaws. As it creates […]


Braces-Friendly Snacks to Enjoy Anytime

| 05 May 2021

This time, we’re looking at braces-friendly snacks. In previous blog posts, we’ve looked at foods to eat with braces and foods to avoid. Fortunately, there are lots of delicious options. So, you can enjoy snacks and desserts throughout treatment. By knowing what to choose, you can avoid possibly damaging your braces. Thus, you can keep your treatment on […]


Fast Clear Braces For an Amazing Healthy Smile

| 21 Apr 2021

Are you looking for ‘fast clear braces?’ in the Charlottesville area? If so, you may be considering clear braces or Invisalign, the popular aligner system. We’ll look at what you can expect from clear braces or aligners at Mill Creek Orthodontics. Getting started with orthodontic care is an important decision that can significantly improve one’s […]


Colorful Braces: Show Your Style and Have Fun Throughout Treatment

| 31 Mar 2021

Colorful braces allow you to show your unique style and flair. Today, you can choose from a rainbow of colors or choose clear to blend in. Do you have a favorite color or combination? Maybe you love pink or purple? Or, maybe you love showing the colors of your favorite sports team? Now, colorful braces […]


Invisalign Treatment Charlottesville VA

| 19 Feb 2021

Are you searching for “Invisalign treatment Charlottesville VA?”  If so, choose an orthodontist for the best experience, custom treatment, and results. Dr. Markus Niepraschk is an experienced orthodontist and Virginia native who loves helping the Charlottesville community achieve their best smiles. At Mill Creek Orthodontics, we make every patient our top priority, providing the most value for […]


Foods to Avoid with Braces & Invisalign For the Best Experience

| 13 Jan 2021

This time, we’re looking at foods to avoid with braces & Invisalign. In previous posts, we looked at foods to eat with braces. Notably, one difference between Invisalign and braces is that clear aligners can come out. With braces, they remain attached to your teeth throughout treatment. Thus, you can take out Invisalign while you eat […]


Foods to Eat with Braces

| 17 Dec 2020

In this post, we’re looking at foods to eat with braces. Unlike Invisalign, braces remain attached to your teeth throughout treatment. Thus, you have to be a bit more careful about what you eat. Otherwise, some sticky, hard foods can damage brackets and wires.  Also, some foods are always more likely to get stuck between […]


Invisalign Aligners in Charlottesville

| 05 Nov 2020

Are you considering “Invisalign aligners in Charlottesville?” If so, Mill Creek Orthodontics provides affordable treatment with a promise to provide the most value for every minute and every dollar you spend with us. Thus, we can expect the best experience and results while staying within budget. As you enjoy a faster, convenient, comfortable Invisalign experience, Mill Creek […]