Colorful braces allow you to show your unique style and flair. Today, you can choose from a rainbow of colors or choose clear to blend in. Do you have a favorite color or combination? Maybe you love pink or purple? Or, maybe you love showing the colors of your favorite sports team? Now, colorful braces let you do it on your smile.

With colorful elastics and brackets, braces can be a fun fashion statement. And, you can change the colors occasionally, which makes it exciting to see the result at your next appointment. Often, patients like to choose colors for a holiday, like red and green for the holidays. Or, black and orange are perfect for October.

Colorful Braces or Discreet Clear and Metallic

For many people, discreet treatment is a priority, and clear ceramic is ultra-discreet. Now, only the thin archwire is visible, so you can feel confident wearing braces. At Mill Creek Orthodontics, we are also Invisalign experts, one of the most discreet options possible.

On the other hand, today, kids and many adults prefer showing color. With bold, colorful elastics, your braces can even glow-in-the-dark. Also, there are metallic colored elastics for a cool effect that makes teeth look brighter.

When you come to your next appointment for an adjustment, we’ll change to new elastics. Thus, every 6-8 weeks, you can change to a new color scheme if you like. 

With colorful braces, your smile can be fun throughout treatment!

Pick Your Favorite Colors

Elastic bands, otherwise known as O-rings or ligatures, help hold the archwire in place. When you arrive for your scheduled adjustments, we’ll replace them, and you get another chance to show your style.

Therefore, you may want to spend some time thinking about what colors you’d like to show on your smile. Maybe, you’ll decide to choose discreet silver for a time. Then, go bold and choose alternating colors the next time? 

For some help visualizing, you can play with a braces color picker online. Choose colors and see how they would appear on your smile.

Colors That Might Not Look as Intended

A few colors might not look the way you expect. For example, yellow elastics might make your teeth appear stained. Or, green elastics could appear like you have food caught in your braces. Also, white elastics can make your teeth appear yellow in comparison. Therefore, it might be a good idea to avoid these colors, but it’s up to you.

Also, clear and white elastics may discolor after time, even if you are very careful with brushing and avoiding staining foods. Therefore, if you prefer a discreet appearance, silver or grey will remain a great choice.

Compliment Your Skin Tone

Some colors may compliment your skin tone. For example, soft, cool tones may compliment lighter skin tones, while darker, jewel-tone colors may compliment darker tones. Again, it’s a matter of your personal preference and style.

Below, we’ve created an illustration with suggestions for colorful braces. Why not have some fun and enjoy color choices as your progress toward a beautiful, healthy smile? 

colorful braces illustration

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