At Mill Creek Orthodontics, braces or Invisalign is affordable with flexible financing. The last thing we want to see get in the way of your perfect smile is money. So, we offer in-house financing with the option of no down payment and zero-interest. Plus, with our limited offers, you could save even more.

Even better, we offer pay-in-full discounts, family discounts including for adults, and we accept most insurance. So, we’ll help you maximize benefits and handle insurance paperwork. 

Our goal is to make your best smile achievable, convenient, and more comfortable. Also, we want to make your treatment faster so we use the best technologies. That’s why we earn awards and get rave reviews from our Charlottesville community.

Average Cost for Braces in VA and the USA

Now we’ll look at national averages. However, keep in mind that the actual cost will vary depending on your unique smile. For some people, they only need minor correction, so treatment can be significantly less. For others, more extensive treatment is required. 

Also, there are many types of modern braces, including traditional metal and clear ceramic braces. Therefore, the cost will depend on which kind of treatment you choose.

Now, we’ll look at some national averages.

According to a 2019 survey by the American Dental Association, braces’ final cost ranges from just under $5K to over $7K. Meanwhile, a study by Oral-B found the cost range between $3K and $10K in some cases.

These numbers are similar to those from the Consumer Guide for Dentistry. In this case, the survey found that braces tend to cost between $2 to $6K nationally. Notably, Invisalign tends to cost about the same amount.

Although this is a considerable investment, financing or insurance means braces are affordable. Considering the result of a perfect smile for life, it’s worth it. Not to mention, you could avoid serious health issues by straightening your smile. 

At Mill Creek Orthodontics, we promise to provide the most value for every minute and every dollar you spend with us. 

How Much Will My Braces Cost?

At Mill Creek Orthodontics, you will always know the cost upfront before any treatment begins with no surprises. Before we can estimate, we’ll need to get a close look at your smile. Then, Dr. Markus Niepraschk will see if you are a candidate for braces or Invisalign and design a custom plan just for you.

Today, it’s never been safer or easier to get started from home. Take a free virtual appointment. After you submit some photos of your smile, Dr. Niepraschk will respond with a free smile assessment. 

With a free assessment, you can learn about treatment options, costs, and affordable financing solutions. Plus, get answers to any other questions you may have.

To get started, click the gold button that reads, “Star Virtual Appointment!” on the screen’s bottom right. Learn more about virtual consultations here. Importantly, it’s easy and fast to get started, and there’s no obligation to begin treatment until you’re ready.

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