Unfortunately, COVID-19 is forcing a large population of our country into social isolation, distancing, and quarantine. Thankfully, Mill Creek Ortho has already adapted to these new safety parameters to allow patients like you the ability to seek a free virtual consultation for the smile of your dreams. During this prolonged time of social distancing, we want to ensure that you are still able to seek orthodontic treatment. Besides, can you think of a better time to begin Invisalign or braces than during a mandatory social distancing function? No awkward transition period, no worries about talking funny as you adjust, nothing. Simply click the yellow blurb on the bottom right of your screen labeled “Start Virtual Appointment” to begin your free virtual consultation, today.

Virtual Consultations Keep Everyone Safe

Our free virtual consultations create a variety of great benefits for both patients and Doctors. For instance, during this unfortunate pandemic, it provides our office with a way to begin your orthodontic treatment without ever increasing the risk of exposure for anyone involved. Furthermore, virtual consultations are simply fantastic! You don’t have to worry about driving to us or even changing out of your pajamas, for that matter! Simply stay safe at home, provide us with the basic information we need to get started on your case, and we’ll take it from there.

Starting Your Free Virtual Consultation

Fortunately, starting your free virtual consultation is very straightforward. First, click the yellow blurb on the bottom right of your screen labeled “Start Virtual Appointment” to begin. From this virtual portal, we’ll ask you a few questions. For example, we’ll request your basic contact information. Then, we’ll ask you to choose from a few different treatment options that we have available. Finally, we’ll need 5 quick close-ups of your teeth and jaw structure. Don’t worry! These don’t have to be professionally shot photos. Clear, simple photos taken from your smartphone work perfectly. Once you’ve completed your free virtual consultation, we’ll contact you ASAP regarding the next steps for your treatment plans.

Stay safe! We hope to hear from you soon – and don’t forget to keep flossing!