To better serve you and create an even more enjoyable experience, we at South Side Orthodontics have created a new brand that continues and clarifies our vision. This new brand focuses on what is important to us – setting your true personality free through a beautifully crafted smile. We want to continue to provide the most value for every minute and every dollar you spend with us. We will continue to give you our best at every moment. We are all about making your braces experience one that encourages you to feel free to be.

So what does a new brand mean? Well, for one, we have changed our name to Mill Creek Orthodontics, in reflection of our new brand. You can also expect to see some exciting changes to the office, along with a new logo and website. But don’t worry, the same encouraging faces will be there, crafting your perfect smile through a blend of the artisan’s eye and advanced techniques and technologies. We will continue to give you our full attention and always be considerate of the time that you share with us. “That’s why we’ve decided to increase our availability by being open additional days and extending our hours, to better work with your schedule. Most importantly, there will be a continued effort in providing the best and most valuable care we can for you.

Thank you for your support and for always trusting your smile to Mill Creek Orthodontics. We promise to give back to this wonderful community and we promise to always remember that we are only here because of your trust. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to reach out at 434-977-9473. We’d love to hear from you.