Why choose Mill Creek Orthodontics? Choosing the right orthodontist is an important decision. In many cases, you’ll visit an orthodontist many times over months or years. So, you want to be sure you choose wisely.

We’ll look at just a few of the reasons Mill Creek Orthodontics is the best choice in the Charlottesville area.

Lower Prices with Better Service

At Mill Creek, we believe your best smile should be within reach. We’ve seen how a perfect smile transforms lives, so we make treatments affordable. Today, we’re making treatment even more affordable with a limited offer you can see here.

Along with affordable prices, we promise to provide the most value for every minute and every dollar you spend with us. Thus, we’re always committed to offering the best service and experience. So, you’ll have something to smile about from day one.

Our dedication to service is why our patients voted us the Best Orthodontist in Charlottesville in 2018.

Faster More Comfortable Treatment

Along with affordable treatment, we also want you to get a perfect smile in less time comfortably. So, we’ll offer the best effective technologies and techniques.

For example, we use Indirect braces bonding, which has several advantages for patients:

  • Improved patient comfort
  • Less time in the chair for you
  • Reduced operator stress
  • More accurate positioning of braces 

Traditionally, braces are placed individually on each tooth one at a time. However, with indirect bonding, we can apply the brackets more precisely and efficiently with a custom model of your unique smile. It’s just one of the many ways we can make treatment better for you.

We Give Back To Patients and Our Charlottesville Community

Mill Creek Orthodontics loves giving back to our patients and community. As we provide exceptional care and service, we go the extra mile with extras, the icing on the cake. For example, you can expect extras like Dippin Dots after every appointment. Plus, we play custom music of each patient’s choice to help you relax.

Also, we regularly play games and hold contests with prizes to reward our patients. We recently held the “Cville’s Got Talent Show” and had a blast checking out great local talent.

Mill Creek Orthodontics regularly gives back to the community. For example, we love giving Girl Scout Cookies to our local First Responders. Also, we are a proud sponsor of the Fairview Swim Club, and were a sponsor of UVA Athletics.


Recently, we held a free virtual meditation class to help combat stress on Facebook Live. Also, we’re offering free virtual consultations so the community can stay at home while they get Dr. Niepraschk’s professional smile assessment.

These are just a few reasons we hope you’ll choose Mill Creek Orthodontics. Get the smile of your dreams from the people who care.

Call us anytime at 434-977-9473. You may also contact us online here.

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