Cost of Invisalign

| 27 Sep 2019

Invisalign is a modern and effective solution for a number of orthodontic scenarios. Invisalign is a great technology which can be used by patients of a number of ages. If you are interested in learning more about the cost of Invisalign or are simply seeking more information about Invisalign technology, you have come to the […]


Invisalign Aligners – Everything You Need To Know

| 26 Nov 2018

What Is Invisalign Made Of? Invisalign eliminates the use of uncomfortable materials such as metal, wires, and elastics. Clear aligners are made of a smooth, thermoplastic known SmartTrack material. This material is designed specifically for the Invisalign treatment, allowing for better control over tooth movement. How Does Invisalign Straighten Teeth? Invisalign is the invisible alternative to […]


Why Choose Invisalign?

| 10 Sep 2018

The Invisalign system was designed with a patient’s needs in mind. As a result, Invisalign offers freedom throughout orthodontic care. Traditional braces affect your appearance and place limitations on your diet. At Mill Creek Orthodontics, Dr. Nalbandian is dedicated to providing the best form of orthodontic treatment available to match you and your daily lifestyle. […]


Cost Of Invisalign

| 08 Jun 2018

At Mill Creek Orthodontics, our goal is to provide affordable orthodontic care including Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in Charlottesville VA, Palmyra VA, and surrounding areas of Albemarle County VA. If you want to find out the cost of Invisalign nearby, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Niepraschk today. How Much Does Invisalign Cost? The cost of Invisalign varies on a […]